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In Times Past………..
By Andy Pouncey

“And in the theatre, there is no time like the present.” Why I couldn’t get that line correct, I will never know. Now I can go to my computer file that reads resume and add Germantown Stories at Germantown Community Theatre (GCT). Let’s see, I played “time”, Don reading Herb’s part, Sonny (coincidentally the name of my former wife’s present husband), the Historian, one of the kids at Doc Posey’s Drug Store and myself at Starbucks.

While everyone had his or her idea of the best part, I am going to give my award for the best actor to Newman, actor and musician. The award shall take the shape of a bronzed stalk of broccoli. Using his talents as a pianist in the Starbucks’ scene, he amused everyone with his take on H.E.A.R. music. H.E.A.R. music is Starbuck’s background music that I understand is available for purchase. As Dave asks in the play, you mean here, like right here, right now? 

Newman played and distracted us all (reportedly causing some to lose their lines) by singing “broc…coli, broc…coli, bro…ccoli, etc.” in a vocal range that you and I cannot reach. Attempting to ascertain some deep meaning here, perhaps they planted broccoli in Pea Ridge (Germantown’s name prior to 1836). No, this was just Newman’s spark of genius! 

We had ten stars that were, for the most part, newcomers to the theatre. Most of all we had the opportunity to engage talents that we didn’t know we had…..”on the stage ………in the theatre………in Germantown Community Theatre” (from the play). Julia Hinson, Director of Education and Outreach at GCT, played a host of characters and provided leadership that helped hold this group together from October to April. 

And whom do we thank? We could begin with the Germantown Woman’s Club where the idea of a community theatre originated in 1972, 35 years ago. We could thank the City of Germantown for holding on to this community-significant building. The Forest Hill School became GCT’s stage in 1981, after GCT had produced dozens of plays, first in the Pickering Center and then in the old chapel of the Presbyterian Church.

We could thank the GCT Board; we could thank the playwright Bill Baker. We could thank our parents, families, spouses and teachers who provided their support and patience. 

I guess the biggest thanks goes to all those who believe in community and community theatre and have played a supporting role at GCT. This thought was embraced by the
Canadian couple that attended Friday night’s performance, who make it a point to visit and support community theatre wherever they travel. 

Community is a much-used word that is not necessarily found in each city, town or community. The sense of community, a bond or passion connecting individuals to each other, to groups, to institutions and in this case -- theatre, is the cornerstone that makes Germantown an outstanding place to live. Activities such as the Germantown Festival (also beginning in 1972), the Germantown Charity Horse Show, the Family Fourth Fireworks, the many social groups, churches, etc., connect individuals in ways that provide meaning to the word community. 

Once a year in church they ask for your time, talent or money. Look at what makes Germantown a community for you and offer your support in terms of time, talent and money. The payback will be incredible!

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