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In Times Past………..
By Andy Pouncey
April 3, 2007

This weekend Shirley and I stayed at home and close to 300 guests dropped by. Sounds like it has the makings of a party, yet the police weren’t called, no alcohol was consumed, and we never talked so much in our lives. The neighbors came, people from work came and people we didn’t know came. All present got along and had a good time. Had dinner been served, we would have done paper plates. That’s a lot of dishes.

But no, we volunteered to participate in the 4th Annual Germantown Home Tour, begun by the Neighborhood Preservation Commission and sponsored by American Home Shield, Loews, Schnucks and Kroger. This event provided the opportunity for people to visit seven (7) homes and gain insight to different solutions to update homes that are approximately 25 years old.

My cat brought us a chipmunk for a house warming present and my friends from Arkansas brought a disk (as in plowing a field). We will call it yard art.

The homes were north and south of Poplar and east and west of Germantown Road. 
These homes built around 1980 served a lifestyle that has since changed. 

Some things never change though in that people still gravitate to the kitchen or the smallest place in the house. We have a nice size kitchen but they continued to flow out into the den like our cracked toilet tank upstairs did last summer.

That’s when I would tell the story of the wood mantle, the light fixture and my wife’s great grandmother’s log cabin built in the 1850s. We only have a corner of the cabin but it seemed to capture the most attention.

We have a picture of Shirley standing in the front yard of the cabin when she was three years old. She won’t let me hang it on the wall because there is a rooster behind her on the front porch. The angle makes it appear like this small girl has a rooster on her head. I think it’s cute but the picture will forever remain in the drawer. 

You know the best part of having your house on tour? It’s like having company. You get caught up on more chores and accomplish tasks that should have been done years ago. Of course there are events that cause certain projects to be pushed up. Did I mention the cracked toilet tank upstairs?

Afterwards we invited friends to a “It Ain’t Gonna Get Any Better Than This” party. The yard was in great shape, the house was “spic and span” and we were into sharing.

But, when I woke up this morning Shirley asked for me to make her coffee. I yelled, “where is the coffee pot”? It was in the closet. “I want to blow my nose, where’s the Kleenex? Shirley, where did you put the…………………..?

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