The Germantown Museum

A project in the making

Enter Our Virtual Museum



We invite you to explore our
Interactive Map 
of Historic Germantown Locations.

Instructions for map use:  Click on the link above.  You may use the navigation bar in the upper left corner of the map to zoom in or out.  Your mouse scroll wheel will also let you zoom.  To pan the map to a different area, right click and drag the map to the area you choose.  The nav bar also has controls for panning.  The map page initially comes up in a "Road Map" view.  You may select "Aerial view" or "Bird's Eye View" from the nav bar.  Holding your mouse over the marker (flashing red light) will display a breif description of the location.
Use your browser "Back" button to return to this page.


 Check back to learn more about the progress of our Germantown Museum Project.

In the mean time, enjoy some photos of Germantown from times past.



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