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The Germantown Historic Commission has been conducting a project for several years to collect oral histories from many long time residents of Germantown.  We are pleased to make these interviews available.  The interviews currently available include the following:


1.  Sonny Foster, while speaking with the Germantown Historic Commission, tells of his first Steeplechase. He trained in Germantown and raced in Nashville on his horse, "Kettledrum".  Mr. Foster was one of the founders of the Germantown Charity Horse Show. 
Listen to this recorded interview.


2.  Sonny Foster talks about building the Germantown Horse Show Arena. 
Listen to this interview.


3.  Andy Pouncey tells the story of "Filthy Phil's Fire Fighting Fanatics".
Watch this interview.


4. Mr. Harry Cloyes tells of his many years as a Germantown resident.
Watch this interview.


5. Hear the story of the silver spoon saved from the Yankees as told to Adelaide Sullivan Dean by her grandmother. Adelaide Dean, daughter of Phillip and Carrie Sullivan was born in the charming carpenter gothic home known as the Sullivan home that was built in the 1860ís on Poplar Pike, Germantown. It has since been torn down and a new home reflecting many of the features of the old home stands in its place. 
Listen to this interview.


6.  Mr. John Boyd Maize tells about early Germantown, his time in the Army and stories about Germantown annexation during his time as a City Alderman.
Listen to this Interview.

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