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Mr. Andy Pouncey has for several years written a series of articles for the Germantown News. These articles have done a remarkable job of telling many of the interesting stories about the life of the City of Germantown. We are very pleased to present these articles for your pleasure and education.
  1. Hugh Ford and the early City Government
  2. West Tn State Veterns Cemetery
  3. Fort Germantown
  4. P.T. Boats
  5. Germantown Rd and the confusing names
  6. The Germantown Horse Show, part 1
  7. The Germantown Horse Show, part 2
  8. The Germantown Horse Show, part 3
  9. The Phoenix School
  10. Filthy Phil’s Fire Fighting Fanatics
  11. The Vision of Germantown Civic and Public organizations
  12. The Germantown Festival
  13. Railway Express Agency
  14. Neshoba Plantation, part 1
  15. Neshoba Plantation, part 2
  16. Neshoba Plantation, part 3
  17. The Germantown Methodist Church
  18. Eppy White's BBQ and Kirby Farms
  20. Naming of Germantown
  21. "The Pines" - the Cawthorne Home
  22. Progress on Poplar
  23. Germantown Community Theatre, part 1
  24. Germantown Community Theatre , part 2
  25. Neighborhood Preservation Commission and the Home Tour
  26. The Great Race
  27. Germantown Civic Club establishes Germantown News
  28. The Great Race, part 2
  29. The Greenway
  30. Tennessee Genealogical Society and Germantown Regional History and Genealogy Center


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