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1.  Who was Francis Wright?   


2.  What does the Chickasaw word "Nashoba" mean and why is it important to Germantown?  


3.  In what contest did Eppy White defeat Davy Crockett on White's Germantown property?    


4.  When was Germantown formed?  


5.  Where did Germantown get its name?  answer


6.  The name of Germantown was changed from Germantown once and then changed back again.  What was it changed to and why?  


7.  What was the "plank road" and what did it connect?  


8.  What was the only church in Germantown that was not burned during the Civil War?


9.  What is the oldest house in Germantown still standing?    


10.  Can you identify these artifacts?

Item 1.
Item 2.
Item 3.
























5.  Where did Germantown get its name?

Well, we're not real sure!  

Answer: The original small settlement in this area called Pea Ridge became the hamlet of Germantown by 1836. It could have been named for a small German colony that settled in the area. One of the first settlers was named A. H. Lucken, of German descent. However, early records dealing with the area are overwhelmingly Irish or Scotch-Irish. In 1834, under the order of Col. G.P. Shepherd, a surveyor from Holly Springs, MS named N. T. German laid out the town lots and streets. Since neither names of Luckenville or Shepherdville were chosen, perhaps the surveyor took the honor. No one knows for sure.




















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